Assisting families by filling in the gap between school and home


In basketball, an assist is attributed to a player who passes the ball to a teammate in a way that leads to a score. We are purposed in the same idea.  We are here to fill in the gap between school and home.  Assist is not just a place for children to be “watched”.  We will reinforce learned scholastic concepts while nourishing areas of struggle and developing social and spiritual character. Your child is destined to win the game of life and we want to assist in making sure that it happens!

Explore this page for more details and to register!

$140 a month

$20 Registration Fee

Transportation from school


Open until 6:30pm


The program's van route is all determined by the amount of students we have who sign up for the program and the schools they attend.  We typically pick up from the NRMPS "Rocky Mount city schools" as they are in close proximity of each other but it does NOT mean we aren't able to pick students up from other schools.  If your child's school is not listed below, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your family.

*In accordance with NRMPS Calendar

  • *Our Lady of Perpetual Help*

  • Baskerville Elementary

  • Benvenue Elementary

  • D.S. Johnson School

  • Edwards Middle School

  • Englewood Elementary School

  • Fairview Elementary

  • Hubbard Elementary School

  • Nashville Elementary

  • Nash Central Middle School

  • Parker Middle School

  • Red Oak Middle

  • *Rocky Mount Academy*

  • *Rocky Mount Preparatory School*

  • Williford Elementary School

  • Winstead Elementary School


  1. How do you accept payment? Families can pay online (the link to the online payment portal is at the bottom of this page) and families may pay in person! We accept cash, check, and money order!  Money must be paid BEFORE the month of care for which the family is paying. 

  2. Is transportation provided?  Yes, transportation is provided from students' schools to to Word Tabernacle Church after school. 

  3. Is there a discount for multiple students in one family? There is not.  The cost of the after school program is set at the lowest amount in order to give students a great experience while being affordable for parents.  It is already set at the lowest possible price.  

  4. Does the Church offer camp Sponsorships/Scholarships? The after school program is designed to pay for itself.  WTC does not make any money off of the program.  The budget is  set to the least amount of money that is needed in order to provide quality care and an enriching experience.  We do understand financial struggles and hope that we can work with you so that your child can have a great after school program experience!  Contact one of the program administrators for more information.  

  5. May I do "day of" registration?  You can register and pay for the after school program and we will start pick up and care that afternoon!

  6. Is food provided?   Students will have a light snack during the after school program.

  7. Do I have to be a member of Word Tabernacle Church in order to participate? Absolutely not!  This service is available to the community!

  8. Are counselors vetted?  Yes! Safety is a HUGE focus! All counselors who will work with students will have a background check before they are allowed to participate. Youth volunteers must have a reference in order to be accepted.

  9. What is security like? WTC has live and active security cameras in every room and hallway that will be occupied by students.  Exterior doors will remained locked throughout the entire day while students are on campus.  Lower grades will also be in classes down a locked hall that is only accessible through security badge.  We will also have trained security on campus throughout the day.

  10. What will students do in the program? The program's first focus is to make sure students have their homework done and to assist in academic support. Students will also have spiritual development, access to computers, have fun, and develop great relationships with each other and counselors! 

  11. What is the age range of campers who are allowed? The after school program is for pre-K-8th grade students. 

  12. Is there a deadline for registration?  The Assist After School Program  has a continual enrollment.  This means you can start in August or you can start in October!  Slots fill up fast so make sure you register and pay for your student as soon as possible!


  1. Students get back to the church after the route is completed.  Parents can pick students up at any point after they return to the church.

  2. Students WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE CELL PHONES even to call and text parents. we want to make sure that there is no communication with people who are NOT parents.  IF you need to get in contact with your child, please utilize one of the many forms listed below.  If a child needs to be in contact with their parent, they will be able to call you from one of the church-approved phone lines. 

Each student should come with the following items

  • A change of clothes for those who are potty trained but MIGHT have an accident still struggle with being potty-trained.

  • Two books that are on their reading level

  • notebook

  • pencil

  • Their general school supplies

  • a non-electronic leisure activity which can be taken home each day OR left at the church for them to use at the program. Example: coloring book and crayons, playing cards.

(WTC has some of these items in stock for those who may not have them at home)

WTC is not liable for ANY loss, damages, or theft of items.


We will send out messages to parents and parents will be able to directly respond through our Text Message Distribution! Sign up by following these instructions!  

  • Text "@wtcassist"

  • to "81010"

After School Program Office:

  • Ayona Cooper: 252-316-8300

  • Kyle Johnson 252-316-8312

WTC Administration Office: 252-442-2925




As of September 2, 2019 Registration for the Afterschool program is closed as we have reached our capacity.  You may still register to be added to our waitlist but please do not pay your $20 until you have been contacted by program staff letting you know that there is an opening.



Registration Fee per child  $20

Month's Payment per child $140

  1. Click on Link to go to WTC's payment portal

  2. Enter payment Amount

  3. Select "offering" as your fund

  4. Add After School for ______(insert child name)  in the memo line

  5. Enter your email address

  6. Follow the instructions and prompts until you get to a "confirmation screen"

Show Your Support


Would you like to sponsor a student or donate toward the general cost of  the camp?  Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you! Every contribution will go toward helping the Assist After School Program support students and families! Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.  Be sure to put "After School Program" in the memo line of your donation (tax deductible)!  If you are sponsoring or a specific student, make sure to include their name in the memo line (non tax deductible).

Registration Fee per child  $20

Month's Payment per child $140

  1. Click on Link to go to WTC's payment portal

  2. Enter payment Amount

  3. Select "offering" as your fund

  4. Add After School for ______(insert child name)  in the memo line

  5. Enter your email address

  6. Follow the instructions and prompts until you get to a "confirmation screen"


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