Partner with WTC's K.I.D.S. Ministry's One-Day Camp


Word Tabernacle Church will offer care for elementary aged students in kindergarten through fifth grade 7:30am-3:30pm on May 16, 2018. Registration is FREE!

Registration is at the bottom of this page. By registering you acknowledge that you have read and understood and agree to all stipulations for participating in Word Tabernacle Church's K.I.D.S. Ministry's One-Day Camp


  1. Is transportation provided?  No, transportation to and from Word Tabernacle Church is not provided.  Child care is only available for children who are brought to and picked up from the facility.

  2. What if I can't afford the care? You Can!  It's Free

  3. May I do "day of" registration? Day Of Registration is not available. Registration closes on Monday at 5pm so that we can ensure we have enough volunteers, supplies, and food for students who will come to the KIDS Camp.

  4. Are Meals Provided?   Yes.  Breakfast will be a "grab-able breakfast" including cereal bar and drink.  Feel free to feed your child before they arrive.  A complete lunch will be provided as well as a snack.

  5. Do I have to be a member of Word Tabernacle Church in order to participate? Absolutely not!  This service is available to the community!

  6. Are Volunteers vetted?  Yes! Safety is a HUGE focus! While we will accept volunteers from the community, all volunteers who will work with students will have a background check before they are allowed to participate. Youth volunteers must have a reference in order to be accepted.

  7. What is security like? WTC has live and active security cameras in every room and hallway that will be occupied by students.  Exterior doors will remained locked throughout the entire day while students are on campus.  Lower grades will also be in classes down a locked hall that is only accessible through security badge.  We will also have trained security on campus throughout the day.

  8. What will students do all day? Students will participate in "Day Camp" style activities including academic enrichment, recreation, arts and crafts, character and spiritual development, "rest and relax" free time, and becoming friends with one another!

  9. What is the age range of campers who are allowed? KIDS camp is for students who are currently enrolled in kindergarten through fifth grade ONLY. 

  10. Is there a deadline for registration Yes. There are two existing deadlines.

  • Our first limitation is based on capacity. Registration will close when we have reached our maximum capacity based on fire codes and counselor to student ratio. This could be on Saturday or it could be on Monday.  There is no true way to know when this will occur.  It is based on how quickly families register.

  • Our second deadline will be Monday, May 14, 2018 at 5:00pm.  This will give us enough time to train volunteers and prepare adequately prepare for the student population that will come. If registration closes before this time, it is because we have reached our capacity.  Once this occurs there is nothing we can do.​


  1. Parents may bring students to the facility no earlier than 7:30am and must pick up no later than 3:30pm

  2. Students WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE CELL PHONES even to call and text parents. we want to make sure that there is no communication with people who are NOT parents.  IF you need to get in contact with your child, please utilize one of the many forms listed below.  If a child needs to be in contact with their parent, they will be able to call you from one of the church-approved phone lines. 

Each student should come with the following items

  • A change of clothes for those who may still struggle with being potty-trained.

  • Two books that are on their reading level

  • notebook

  • pencil

  • a non-electronic leisure activity. Example: coloring book and crayons, playing cards.

(WTC has some of these items in stock for those who may not have them at home)

Preferential items that are allowed 

  • Lunch from home

  • snack

We HIGHLY recommend students leave electronic game systems and other items home. 

WTC is not liable for ANY loss, damages, or theft of items.


We will send out messages to parents and parents will be able to directly respond through our Text Message Distribution! Sign up by following these instructions!  

  • Text "wtccare"

  • to "81010"

Phone contact

  • Student Ministry Office: 252-316-8312

  • WTC Administration Office: 252-442-2925




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