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Voices of Our Youth: Jasmine Newsome

I’ve been active in the youth ministry for a year now and it has impacted my life tremendously and led me to have a closer relationship with God. When I started coming to Word Tabernacle I saw how close the youth and I could tell they were a family because of the way they greeted each other on Sunday mornings or the way they interacted with one another in the gym before Bible study. I wanted to be a part of that love and to grow in my relationship with Christ. At first I was very apprehensive to simply go to Bible study or any youth event because I didn’t know anyone. It was more difficult for me because I didn't recognize anyone from my school and had no affiliation with any of them. Even though I didn’t know anyone I still pushed myself to try and attend bible study regularly.

One Tuesday Mr. Kyle reminded everyone of the Philadelphia mission trip the youth would be taking during spring break. It ended up being last minute but I begged my parents to let me go. At the time I knew absolutely no one but I felt it was something God was leading me to do. The whole mission trip changed my life! It took no time for me to develop closer and deeper relationships with everyone. We spent a week doing mission work for a local elementary school, helping in The Neighborhood Church, and spreading love throughout that community. This strengthened my relationship with God because it helped me recognize that He is made up of unfathomable love and I can put all of my faith in him. We also spent the week sharing devotions, cooking for each other, and splitting up in groups to pray and help children. This made me appreciate my other brothers and sisters in Christ and made me feel like I had a church family. The mission trip kicked started so many other wonderful opportunities the youth ministry has given me. I started attending the Fourth Friday hangouts regularly. I participated in the Team252 mission trip, and became a youth disciple! Youth hang outs and Bible study are great environments for me to connect with others. I understand that I was the person that didn't know anyone and needed a connection. I now want to be that person to someone else. My experience at Team252 was a great way to start the summer off because I got to connect with other believers from other churches and do mission work right here in our own community.

Now I serve as a youth disciple in the church which has taught me accountability and responsibility. As a youth disciple my job is to be a leader and do the work of God’s kingdom. Every moment spent in the youth ministry has developed me into a better person and Christian. I am equipped to handle spiritual warfare and connect others to Christ. I am truly grateful for everything the youth ministry at Word Tabernacle has given me and would highly recommend any youth to get plugged in.

-Jasmine Newsome

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