We would love to partner with your family to help enrich and develop your child! Summer Programming at Word Tabernacle runs from June 15-August 14, 2020, and is open to those Kindergarten to rising twelfth-grade students. 

Rising kindergarten-Rising sixth grade students will attend Summer Camp.

Rising seventh-rising twelfth-grade students will attend Summer Academy.

The cost is $80 a week with a $15 registration fee per child! Families can register and pay for camp on a weekly basis!

All payments are final. 

All families participating in this year's summer programming are expected to adhere to all safety guidelines and protocols, failure to comply will result in dismissal from the program.

The basic expectations are that students with and symptoms of illness must be kept home, students should be sent each day with a clean cloth mask, families must consent to temperature checks every morning, and the same people should pick up and drop off the child each day.  For a complete list of the guidelines click the link below.

Explore this page for more details and to register!


Phone contact

  • Ayona Cooper Office: 252-212-8141

  • Heather Scriven Office: 252-937-2945

  • Kyle Johnson Office: 252-316-8312

  • WTC Administration Office: 252-442-2925



  1. How do you accept payment? Families may pay in person! We accept cash, check, and money order!  Money must be paid the Friday BEFORE the week of camp/academy for which the family is paying. This helps us solidify meals, materials, and other details which rely on knowing the amount of campers and having the money to cover the various costs.  

  2. The registration fee of $15 must also be paid in order to complete registration.

  3. Your first week  must also be paid for before your child can be a part of the camp/academy. Online payments would require an extra processing fee so we will be doing currency-exchange payments in person. ​Checks can be made out to Word Tabernacle Church. Please put your name and your child's name in the memo line. ​Money orders, cashier's checks, and cash are also accepted​. Payments can be brought to the church and given to administration or directly to Ayona Cooper.  Her contact information is listed above.

  4. Is transportation provided to and from camp?  No, transportation to and from Word Tabernacle Church is not provided.  Summer Programming is only available for students who are brought to and picked up from the facility.

  5. Does the Church offer Sponsorships/Scholarships? Summer Programs are designed to pay for itself.  WTC does not make any money off of the program.  The budget is  set to the least amount of money that is needed in order to provide quality care and an enriching experience.  We do understand financial struggles and hope that we can work with you so that your child can have a great camp experience!  Contact one of the camp administrators for more information.  

  6. May I do "day of" registration?  Camp payments are due the Friday before your camper is enrolled so that we can ensure we have enough supplies, and food for all students. Exceptions may be made in case of emergency or special circumstances.

  7. Are Meals Provided?   Yes.  Breakfast will be a "light breakfast".  Feel free to feed your child before they arrive.  A complete lunch will be provided as well as a snack.

  8. Do I have to be a member of Word Tabernacle Church in order to participate? Absolutely not!  This service is available to the community!

  9. Are counselors vetted?  Yes! Safety is a HUGE focus! All counselors who will work with students will have a background check before they are allowed to participate. All volunteers must have a reference in order to be accepted.

  10. What is security like? WTC has live and active security cameras in every room and hallway that will be occupied by students.  Exterior doors will remain locked throughout the entire day while students are on campus.  Lower grades will also be in classes down a locked hall that is only accessible through security badge.  We will also have trained security on campus throughout the day.

  11. What will students do all day? Students will participate in "Day Camp" style activities including academic enrichment, recreation, projects, character, spiritual development, "rest and relax" free time, and becoming friends with one another! Families will have a schedule of the day and a weekly focus newsletter sent home and uploaded to the summer camp website so that you can be as informed as possible!

  12. What is the age range of campers who are allowed? KIDS camp is for students who are rising kindergarten students-rising sixth graders, and Summer Academy is for rising seventh-rising twelfth graders. 

  13. Is there a deadline for registration?  KIDS Camp has a continual enrollment until capacity is reached.  This allows parents who need all summer care or just one week of care to have their needs met! Summer Academy has a 15 student limit. Slots fill up fast so make sure you register and pay for your camper as soon as possible!  Once capacity is reached for the summer programs students will be added to a waitlist in case there is a spot that becomes available.

  14. Is early pick up or late drop off available? Early Drop of and late pick up is available for KIDS Camp ONLY and costs $5 for every 30 minutes.  The earliest early drop off is 7:00 am, and the latest late pick up is 6:00 pm.

  15. What is Summer Academy? Summer Academy is a summer pilot program for older students, from rising seventh to rising twelfth graders.  Spaces are limited because this is a pilot to test a new strategy for summer enrichment.  Summer Academy will be a project based and exploratory learning environments for students to gain new skills, and build upon skills they already have.  This summer students will participate in learning coding and foreign language. If the program goes well this summer we will plan for it's expansion next summer!


  1. Parents may bring students to the facility no earlier than 7:30am for Kids Camp and no earlier than 8:30 am for Summer Academy and must pick up for both no later than 5:30pm

  2. Students WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE CELL PHONES even to call and text parents. we want to make sure that there is no communication with people who are NOT parents.  IF you need to get in contact with your child, please utilize one of the many forms listed below.  If a child needs to be in contact with their parent, they will be able to call you from one of the church-approved phone lines. 

Each student should come with the following items

  • A change of clothes (Kids Camp)

  • Two books that are on their reading level

  • notebook

  • pencil

  • a non-electronic leisure activity. Example: coloring book and crayons, playing cards.

(WTC has some of these items in stock for those who may not have them at home)

Preferential items that are allowed 

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch from home

  • snack

We HIGHLY recommend students leave electronic game systems and other items home. 

WTC is not liable for ANY loss, damages, or theft of items.


Make A True Change


Please click here to register your family and student information.  Filling out this form does not mean your student is registered.  The registration fee of $15 must also be paid in order to complete registration.

Your first week of summer programming must also be paid for before your child can be a part of the program. 

Checks can be made out to Word Tabernacle Church. Please put your name and your child's name in the memo line

Money orders, cashier checks, and cash are also accepted.

Payments can be brought to the church and given to administration or directly to Ayona Cooper.  Her contact information is listed above.


In order to secure your spot you will need to pay a $15 registration fee.  After paying the registration fee, the payment for the first week of programming will be due the Friday before camp/academy begins, June 12, 2020.  

After that, payments will be accepted in person only and will always be due the Friday before the week being paid for. For example, the $80 payment for week 2 will be due on Friday, June 19, 2020.

You may pay the registration fee and/or the first weeks payment by clicking the link below,

Please select “offering” and type either “Summer Camp” or “Summer Academy” in the memo.

You may pay $15 for registration, $80 for the first week, or $95 for both.


Registration Fee per child  $15

Week's Payment per child $80

  1. Click on Link to go to WTC's payment portal

  2. Enter payment Amount

  3. Select "offering" as your fund

  4. Add Summer Camp/Summer Academy Payment for ___(Students Name)______ in the memo line

  5. Enter your email address

  6. Follow the instructions and prompts until you get to a "confirmation screen"

Invest in students, support families


Are you interested in investing in Students throughout the summer? Join our crew by applying below.  Reference letters and resumes can be uploaded during the application process.

Show Your Support


Would you like to sponsor a student or donate toward the general costs of  the program?  Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you! Every contribution will go toward helping WTC Summer Programs support students and families! Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.  Be sure to put "KIDS SUMMER CAMP" or "SUMMER ACADEMY" in the memo line of your donation (tax deductible)!  If you are paying or a specific student, make sure to include their name in the memo line (non tax deductible).


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